While segments of the economy continue to show recovery and in some cases expansion, Performance Improvement in Operations is becoming a key to reinvigorating growth. Some of the critical factors currently creating challenges are the state of suppliers, the level of quality due to increased demand in systems designed for less output, funding challenges due to under performing segments of the world economy and competition for inadequate raw material supplies.  To address these challenges LRHc has an extensive staff of associates with specialized skills to support our client’s requirements.

Improvement in Performance - LRHc efforts begin with an evaluation of the current state of operation through the use of many tools including Value Stream Mapping.  In conjunction, a clear understanding of the desired state will be developed.  From this information a Performance Improvement plan is developed and a team of experienced associates roll up their sleeves and provide a hands on approach to ensure the maximum impact in the minimum amount of time while reporting progress of KPI metrics achieved against the plan.

Operational Excellence - Our approach begins with a holistic review of each operational area taking People, Process, Systems and Technology into account.  We identify gaps that exist and define measures which can be implemented to achieve results across three distinct cultural phases. We establish the foundation for quick wins to get the team engaged, sustainability to enable the measures to create a  virtuous cycle of improvement and excellence to create a world class operation.

Quality Systems – LRHc will lead  analysis of actions and plans related to performance KPIs then utilizing customer audit tools in conjunction with applicable recognized standards  we will ensure there is alignment of all functional areas including Quality, PC&L, Manufacturing and Design. We can also improve and/or enhance the current climate with external suppliers and customers utilizing our extensive network of industry customer contacts.

Supply Chain Optimization - This methodology enables our clients to clearly identify where they should establish new operational entities or transition their operational footprint to align with their corporate strategy and customer demands. Optimization can be achieved based on a myriad of factors, which are defined during the first phase of the assignment. We look at leveraging real world data rather than static reports, understanding how to reduce fixed costs while protecting customer delivery, preserving value while driving footprint optimization, developing the ‘right strategy’ to address the different change levers all while delivering results. This is done across the supply chain, utilizing your internal processes and out through to your customer.

Project Management – LRHc has a Project Management team that offers a vast array of experience in the operational arena that can plan, organize and manage projects with clear timing metrics and deliverables.

Crisis Stabilization Management – Management deployment of our proven work associates provides extensive manufacturing experience on an interim basis to provide decisive direction hence creating performance improvements while preparing the client’s work force to assume the duties when deemed feasible.

Operational Performance Improvement