Our business is founded on an honest, open expression at all levels and there is always an open door to any associate or corporate officer.  As our business grows and we reach new sectors and regions of operation, we will maintain our commitment to our people with continuous training, management support and technology.

 LRHc associates have proven their abilities with documented achievements over time. In conjunction with the latest certifying credentials, our team members have extensive real world experience in quickly assessing situations and utilizing recognized tools, solving the complex issues that plaque today’s business environment.  


 Our associates are encouraged and expected to perform in challenging environments and with recognized rewards that comes from not only salvaging operations in dire straits, but in many cases creating an environment where we achieve but more likely exceed our customer’s expectations.


Email your resume to

If you believe you have the credentials to fit within our business, please email your resume to LRHc though our Contact Us point on this site.